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Give today to support the PFFW Honor Guard.

We render tribute and to honor our fallen brothers and sisters. Assist departments and locals throughout Wisconsin in time of need; and Properly display and show respect towards the colors we fly and the proud profession we serve

$7,210 raised

$8,000 goal

/ 150


"Family , Honor , Respect , Compassion"

FAMILY: The families of our fallen are the reason that we exist. It is our job as the Honor Guard to care for them and assist them through their time of need.

HONOR: It is the core value of any Honor Guard. Everything we do should be done honorably.

RESPECT: Respect for the family and what they are going through. Respect for our fellows Brothers and Sisters.

COMPASSION: We have to have compassion as a member of an Honor Guard and have compassion for the families and the members of the department that have suffered a great loss.